In 2015, Lazlo LICATA gives birth in Venice to a crew of

"Lagoon Pirates"

assembling an eclectic team of

artists, poets and musicians

to launch forth into the boarding of the worldwide famous Carnival of Venice...

Turned into living supports of moving artpieces,

all the performer "Lagoon Pirates" wear

special masks, props, marionettes and costumes

devised and manufactured by Lazlo Licata for the occasion,

paying homage with a modern touch and science-fiction tones to

 historical Venetian figures and traditional masks and crafts.

••• Concept •••

The project required more than two months of work in residence and necessitated the participation of more than twenty talented performer-artists coming from all parts of France and Italy for the

special Carnival events.

Making of

        The Italian dictionary explains the word EXPERIENCE as "direct knowledge, personal experience with the use, practice and observation of a certain sphere of reality." I could not describe the concept of Lazlo Licata for this edition of the Carnival of Venice in another way. An experience for the evolution.

Choose a mask (or let that the right mask chooses you), walk into the tailoring, compose a suitable costume and gradually you’ll see that a feeling emerges and immerses the body, the heart and the thoughts in another world, from which you start to move in a different way, to speak with a different tone and, next to you, other similar creatures come to life, each in his new identity.

It happens a kind of magic: dynamic pieces of art, pirates of the moment, we followed closely the venetian rhythms with our night raids singing as sailors, with live performance and collective improvisations in the districts of Venice, in the exhibition’s scenarios of Lazlo, during crazy banquets shared together. We breathed the adventure for sure. The imagination and the unconscious really perceive to be into a pirate crew and as an actor I could explore some inner situations that usually I don't train.


It 's a rare system of work nowadays because it brings together different forms of art and makes them complementary, is a creative path that links the elements of tradition to the possibilities of technology and to the influences of craftsmanship, turning to new techniques and new approaches.

This type of action moves strong energies for the viewer and for the performer, both of them delighted victims by the same spell.

Savino Liuzzi

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