Lazlo Licata is a young self-taught

film directoreclectic artist.

Son of a lyrical singer and a jazz double bass player, he grew up between Paris, Venice, Stromboli and the French countryside.


Since he was a child, Lazlo spent most of his time learning and practicing numerous artistic techniques, among which :

 sculpture, painting, drawing, acting, engraving, martial arts, music…

At the age of 17, he concludes a flawless education, graduating with a french Baccalauréat in art and philosophy.


Soon he confirms his will to explore the possibilities the cinematographic expression has to offer in order to unify and bring together all the artistic paths he’s taken...



In 2007, he realizes his first short film, Riflessi, first in a serie of poetic documentaries and

video archives focused on the artist, grandfather and mentor Riccardo Licata, a key figure of

Abstract Spatialism - a well known painting movement.


Over the eight years they lived together,

Lazlo recorded hundreds of audio tracks and filmed over one hundred hours of images starring the Maestro at work.

••• Research •••

During the next 5 years Lazlo follows a fulfilling and dedicated course of audiovisual research, thus

he makes more than twenty short films, documentaries and video portraits of various artists, most of which self-produced.


Completely self-educated, Lazlo improves in various areas until he masters some of the cinematographic techniques, primarily the art of filming, editing, animations, sound effects, scenography, special effects and digital drawing.


In 2012, while taking part in a contest organized by La Cinémathèque de Paris to pay tribute

to silent expressionist films and the American movie-maker Tim Burton, Lazlo produces and directs

the short film La Créature, with the special appearance of Riccardo Licata, transformed this time as

the Inventor of the creature.


The first version of the movie is made with numerous animated scenes and digital adjustments. It required more than 36000 photo-shots to finally bring life to the creature, miT, Lazlo’s first stop-motion articulated mechanical sculpture.

With this movie is born a new research cycle in which Lazlo refocuses on his artistic and craftproduction, considering it as a major part in the creative process of his film directing identity.



In 2013, Lazlo creates the experimental

and performative project - Creatur'Z - .

He organizes in Paris his first collective exhibitions, projections and cine-concerts all connected to this new cycle.

His main goal is to demonstrate and share

with the public the artistic richness of

the cinematic creative process

through exhibits and special

live performances.



In 2015, Lazlo LICATA gives birth in Venice to a crew of

"Lagoon Pirates"

assembling an eclectic team of

artists, poets and musicians

to launch forth into the boarding of the worldwide famous Carnival of Venice...

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